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 We are glad to hear from you regarding information on our hunting facility. We are a family run hunting lodge and welcome all families to our lodge. We are going to depend upon you, the hunting customer, to help us make this the best hunting lodge yet. We intend to satisfy our hunting customers needs. We intend to make a good reputation the hard way! The Best Hunt Every Time. Expect It!

We believe that “ole fashioned” southern hospitality along with a trophy wild boar, ram, buffalo or other exotic animal hunt in Tennessee’s Standing Rock Hunting Lodge is just about as thrilling as you can get! The lodge is as rustic and comfortable as it can be made! The food is terrific! The Standing Rock scenery is absolutely beautiful. With the normal hunting package of three nights lodging with two days hunting, you cannot beat it at any other lodge! We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to really show you how things can be done right when it comes to mountain hunting! We guarantee that you will see game the size that we say they are and that we will get you within shooting range if you follow our instructions. We however do not guarantee how good of a shot you are!

Be sure to ask about our special discounted rates. We are currently booking hunts and you have the opportunity to be among the first hunters to get a choice booking date! Should you be unable to keep your scheduled hunt date, let us know and we’ll hold your deposit reservation open for up to twelve (12) months. We believe that you’ll be able to reschedule your hunt within that 12-month timeframe.

You may have hunted other places, but you haven’t hunted the best until you have hunted with us! If you take your hunting seriously, we are the place to hunt! This is a hunt, not a shoot! Act now, call immediately and make your reservations for fun and excitement! Call and ask about our seasonal hunt package discounts. References are available – Click Here. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you!  Y’all come, yahear!
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